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Our company began in the 1800s and was originally involved in construction. During cold winters the skilled workforce came indoors and manufactured the wooden stairs, doors, windowframes etc ready for the Spring. They became so skilled at woodworking that they began supplying other companies and stopped the construction business.

The company was located on the banks of the canal and its raw materials were delivered by canal barge and despatched in fleet of horsedrawn carts.

The first products for the healthcare market were wooden stool frames for the Blind Institute. Some time later the market demanded raised toilet seats for people who difficultly in rising from the toilet. Firstly made with wooden blocks, then in polyurethan foam; and now in high quality hygienic plastics.
From there a full range of products has been developed to help older and disabled people to retain their independence and their dignity.

The early beginnings in healthcare predesposed the company to produce top quality rotational mouldings. Our reputation in quality plastics and quality precision woodwork continues to attract top class customers.