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Ashby (White) Toilet Seat 6in/15cm Standard


(Inc VAT @ 20%)

The raised toilet seat is the simple way of minimising excessive bending and the danger of over-balancing for those with limited mobility. It can be fitted securely to any toilet in seconds as the brackets are easily adjusted by hand.

One piece white moulded raised toilet seat, allowing it to be totally immersed for cleaning.

A deluxe model is available, identical to the raised toilet seat, this elegant ergonomic design offers the extra feature of a lid to sit on when dressing in the bathroom.

The Ashby Raised Toilet Seat is available in three heights 5cm, 10cm, 15cm.

The top of the seat is shaped to distribute the user weight over a greater area. The contoured shape has the effect of holding the occupant in position. A wide frontal area allows easy access for personal cleaning.

  • Model: 6206