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Ashby Toilet Seat 4in (10cm) Easy Fit - BLUE


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Red and blue Ashby Raised Toilet Seats were created for those with Dementia related visual recognition issues.

Red is a colour associated with alert and attracts attention; research has shown that it increases brain wave activity and can stimulate the production on adrenalin in the bloodstream. Therefore by using highly visible, high contrast colours, it enables the user to recognise and understand their environment – boosting their confidence and independence.

However, sometimes one size does not fit all and red coloured items do not work for everyone. To address this, we also make this product in a deep blue colour which is still highly visible and high contrast against the white bathroom suite. The Red Ashby Raised Toilet Seat sets the standard for ease of use, cleaning and durability.

They are ideal for healthcare issue, as the one piece moulding can be completely immersed for cleaning, or sterilised in an autoclave.

The two Easyfit brackets are quickly secured onto the toilet bowl. They are adjustable by hand, making the seat easy to fit or remove. A wide cut away at the front allows easy access for personal cleaning.

Ashby Raised Toilet Seats in red or blue are available in three heights; 2,4 and 6 inch (5,10 and 15 cm).

Available in either red or blue.

Fits onto square toilet pans.

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