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Royale Flushing Commode


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The innovative design of the Royale Flushing Commode combines the benefits of a stylish and comfortable Royale Commode with the convenience of a hygienic flushing toilet.

The commode can be used multiple times before the tank has to be emptied, making life easier for the user or their carer.

Comprising two detachable sections, the upper section is a combined flush water tank and toilet bowl, with a removable toilet seat and lid, while the lower section is a waste tank. The flushing system is activated by a pump handle, which washes the waste down in to the sealed holding tank, where chemicals break it down and destroy unpleasant odour. The holding tank slides out of the commode base to allow quick disposal and easy cleaning.


Max. Weight Limit: 190kg / 30 stone / 420lbs 


Dimensions (LxWxH):

Metric: 480 x 570 x 870 mm

Imperial: 19 x 22 x 34 inches

Seat height: 490mm (19 inches)  


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  • Model: 55001-BR