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Welcome to Gordon Ellis Direct

Products that help you with your daily life.

Founded in the 1800’s, we are innovative designers of products for healthcare,

making products in our UK factory that help older people, or those with a disability. 

We make raised toilet seats, bath seats, grab bars and a whole host of other clever

ideas that can benefit you in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

Our affordable, quality products put your needs first and foremost.

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Raising & Supporting

As we all know in this industry, raised toilet seats are designed to reduce the distance that a person has to move when they need to sit down on the toilet. By raising the toilet seat by a couple of i...

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Our Mental Health and the Environment

How the environment around us affects our mental health


In recent years it has become apparent that mental health is a growing and global health issue. Now more than ever, experiences of isolatio...

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Are you a WAG? (Worried and Guilty)

For those of us living apart from elderly or vulnerable parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, Coronavirus can be an especially difficult time. Without being able to offer support in person, ma...

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