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Raising & Supporting

As we all know in this industry, raised toilet seats are designed to reduce the distance that a person has to move when they need to sit down on the toilet. By raising the toilet seat by a couple of inches, it can make a considerable difference for elderly people who find it difficult to sit and stand from the toilet.

If someone has limited mobility, it is also a simple way to help feel more stable and secure.

Sometimes someone will need help in standing up from the toilet and so Raised Toilet Seats with arms can be fitted so they have something to grip and push down on when rising.

Whilst there are many on the market, some look very chunky and can be complicated to fit. This is where we at Gordon Ellis & Co can help.

We have 2 products on the market at the moment –

The Prima Lift, which gives a 3” raise and sits underneath your existing toilet seat to minimise the look of a raised toilet seat and be more discreet, fitting into your own surroundings –




And the Nobi Classic or Family seats. These toilet seats replace your existing one. Although they do not offer a rise, they have firm arm supports built into the seat which gives the user support when standing from the toilet. The Nobi family comes with a child seat attached so that younger users can be supported too.





So what did we do with these 2 great products? Well, we have combined them! The Prima lift can be used with the stylish Nobi Classic or Family to produce the Nobi Lift.

This new product will allow a 3” rise for the user, along with the supportive arms whilst being discreet and stylish.




We believe that everyone should live with independence, Dignity and Safety.


For more details on this great new product, please contact [email protected]


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Our Mental Health and the Environment

How the environment around us affects our mental health


In recent years it has become apparent that mental health is a growing and global health issue. Now more than ever, experiences of isolation and fear, will increase mental health issues. The World Health Organisation reported that approximately one in four people will experience some form of mental illness during their life. Whilst there is a lot we still don’t know about mental health; it is recognised that the world within which a person lives and functions plays a key role in their mental health.

Physical environmental factors are a key element that determine someone’s mental health. Negative factors such as pollution have the ability to affect a person’s biology or neurochemistry which in turn increase the likelihood of that person developing a mental disorder.

 In contrast however, a pleasant natural environment can reverse feelings of anxiousness, sadness and helplessness. Research carried out at hospitals, offices and schools found that just one plant in a room can play a significant role in reducing stress and anxiety. The University of Minnesota even argues the natural environment can have positive effects on issues such as elevated blood pressure and heart rate, muscle tension and the immune system.

These are some of the key reasons the geViews team are so excited about bringing nature into towns and villages, possible even whilst practising social distancing. Specifically, studies conducted by the Human-Environment Research lab and the University of Illinois found that time in nature connected people to each other and fostered a sense of community:


‘residents in Chicago public housing with trees and green space around their building reported knowing more people, having stronger feelings of unity with neighbours, being more concerned with helping and supporting each other, and having stronger feelings of belonging than tenants in buildings without trees.’


In this way geViews hopes not only to brighten up public spaces but also to help foster community strength and wellbeing.

Furthermore, spending time, or even viewing nature has been linked to an increased attention span. Research has shown the natural environment is especially therapeutic for children with ADHD. However even for those without this, nature has the ability to soothe overactive minds and refresh people for new tasks. Here at geViews we are proud of our partnerships with universities and business parks and the part we play in bringing about calm and balanced environments

Of course, mental health is a complex issue, and good mental health requires a balance of mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health. However, we are excited that we can play even a small part in improving the wellbeing of British communities.


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Are you a WAG? (Worried and Guilty)

For those of us living apart from elderly or vulnerable parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, Coronavirus can be an especially difficult time. Without being able to offer support in person, many of us are feeling worried and guilty.

 At Gordon Ellis & Langham we can really identify with this anxiety, Fiona’s 99 year old father in law lived alone 300 miles away, others team members have also struggled. So here we offer some ideas from our own experience.:


Smart Speakers (Amazon Echo: Alexa, Google Home. Etc.)

 If you can afford a smart speaker, they are hugely helpful for people who find using screens and small buttons difficult, as they are activated by voice. A smart speaker can be used to listen to music, the radio, tell you the weather and read the news. More useful for those with mobility problems, a smart speaker can be connected to other smart devices in the home and be used to turn on lights or televisions. The best bit, in our experience, is connecting the elderly persons speaker to your own account, Amazon’s smart speakers (Echo/Alexa). When this happens, they can be used instead of telephones, using the drop-in function This function takes away the difficulty of remembering telephone numbers, rushing to the phone or fiddling with buttons. The user can simply say ‘drop in on Dad’ and be connected to the corresponding smart speaker. Being on the same account also allows you to remotely control activity on the echo if required. Such things as loading talking books and starting them if required.

Of course, if isolated individuals do not already have a smart speaker prior to the lockdown there is the issue of set-up. However, if you, or a trusted neighbour, is able to stand within range of their Wi-Fi, set-up can be done semi-remotely. All the isolated individual has to do is plug in the speaker. You can do the set-up from your own smart phone.!



The Gordon Ellis Big Foot Half-Step


With the current lovely weather, many are keen to get out into the garden and enjoy the sun. For those with limited mobility however, this can be quite difficult.

Back Doorsteps often have a significant step down. Without support, this process can be awkward and puts those with limited mobility at risk of falling. To help mitigate the challenge, a Big Foot half -step placed outside the door, reduces the size of the step down. Your relative can now get out into the garden, enjoy their independence. Your anxiety is reduced, and their mental health is supported.



Food Delivery Services


There are many amazing local initiatives doing grocery shops for vulnerable individuals. The challenge however can go beyond the shopping to the safe preparation of healthy meals. Often this is done regularly by a carer, but in lockdown, its quite a challenge.

A great solution is to use a speciality food delivery service. We have experience of various companies including Wiltshire Farm Foods. They offer over 300 different complete meals, including gluten free and vegetarian options. Food can be purchased by you for relatives on line or by phone, and delivery within the UK is free. Additionally, they have a priority number specifically for those falling under the extremely vulnerable shield group.

Food delivery services are perhaps not a long-term option, but during lockdown you can have peace of mind that loved ones can access healthy cooked food. The no-contact delivery method means isolated individuals do not have to rely on neighbours to do their shopping for them, which overall allows a greater level of independence.



If you have any more advice on how to help vulnerable individuals remotely please share in comments or chat to us on social media (Twitter - @viewsge Instagram - @geviews Facebook – geViews LinkedIn – geViews)







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Working from home – challenging or breath of fresh air? - By Marty Brookes (Healthcare Manager)

So, I am currently on day 4 of working from home. I have my laptop and phone and access to everything I need, so why do I feel like I am not properly working? 

In our industry we work with other people all the time, sharing ideas, chewing the fat and having constant communication. So I guess it is very hard to do that when you only have your 12 year old for company who is trying to work out how to do school work remotely, your husband who is pottering around slightly lost as not at work at all and having to drag your 17 year old out of her pit as she mourns the death of her social life…. 

There are people that do this every day as standard – how do you do it? Answers on a postcard please! 

The upside of this though is that I can sit back and take stock of my role and the work we are doing – you get a sense of clarity and I find I can get quite a bit done. I can also contact all of my lovely customers, and make sure they and their families are safe and well and give them the good news that we as a company are continuing to produce and despatch for as long as we are able to, to make sure that vulnerable and elderly people can see their homes as a home and not a prison.. 


Marty Brookes

Healthcare Manager

Homeworking - Marty Brookes

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Walton Commode Showcase
Walton Commode Showcase

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Another award winning product

We are delighted to say that our Walton Commode has been chosen as one of AMP’s Products of the Year!

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Healthcare Products Can Now Blend into Your Home

Daily living aids no longer have to look like stereotypical healthcare products.

Gordon Ellis and Co. have designed a range of healthcare products that fit in with the rest of your home. Instead of plastic, they are made from bamboo, giving them more style and additional benefits over hardwood and plastic products.


Interesting Facts about Bamboo:

- Bamboo is a renewable resource, it takes just 5 years to regrow once it has been cut, so there is much less impact on the        environment that wood which can take over 50 years.

- It is an organic product that doesn’t require fertilisers or pesticides to grow, so it helps to keep extra chemicals out of the environment and away from the Bamboo.

- It is extremely durable and resistant to water and swelling.

- It is more scratch resistant that most wood types, making it more long lasting.

- Bamboo has anti-bacterial qualities making it a hygienic product that is extremely easy to keep clean.


Because our Bamberry Range is made from Bamboo, it can be multi-functional and used around all rooms in your home and by other family members.


Products we offer in this range are:

Furniture Raisers – These are available with both 9cm and 14cm raises, and can be the perfect addition to your sofa, chair or bed. They are not intrusive and fit neatly underneath your furniture to look like part of the leg.

Transfer Boards – Ideal for people with limited mobility or strength, these boards make it easier to move from a wheelchair to a car, bed or chair. Available in both 24inch and 30inch straight boards, or the curved board which has been designed to fit around the arm of a wheelchair.

Step – Because it is made from bamboo, this step can be used throughout your home. Helping to halve the height between a larger step, making it easier and safer for you to get in or out of a bath/bed, or stepping down to a lower level in your home. Due to the antibacterial properties and resistance to water, the Bamberry Step is perfect for bathrooms. 


Our Bamberry Range comes in our brand new retail boxes making them perfect for the Trade. The boxes feature informative descriptions, along with lifestyle images to show how the products will look in the home.


If you would like more information about our Bamberry Range, please contact us.


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Why might you need a raised toilet seat?

Why might you need a raised toilet seat?


Whether you’ve recently had a knee or hip replacement, or just simply like struggle to bend down to sit, it can be quite embarrassing to ask for assistance when using the toilet.

Just like raising furniture, there is a simple addition you can make to your toilet which will help minimise excessive bending and over balancing. Raised toilet seats are easy to fit and can be removed if no longer required, after surgery or when moving house.

There are an abundance of raised toilet seats on the market, from a 2inch raise with arms to a 6inch with matching lid. So when choosing a raised toilet seat you need to ask the following questions:


Which height seat do you want?

In most cases, the knees and hips should be at the same height when sat on the toilet seat. A seat that is too low can be uncomfortable and more difficult to stand up from, so it’s important that you get the correct height.

To get the perfect position:

1. Measure the distance between the floor and back of the thigh, just behind the knee. This is the recommended seat height.

2. Measure the current height of the seat, and subtract from the first measurement.

3. The difference between the two is the measurement of raise required.


Occupational Therapists normally complete this assessment to ensure the correct seat height is given.


They normally come in 3 sizes; 2inch (5cm), 4inch (10cm) and 6inch (15cm).


Is a lid required?

Lids are a great way to keep bacteria and smells kept within the toilet. If the toilet seat is going to be used long term, then a lid will help it blend in better within the bathroom, making them look just like a regular toilet seat.


Are any attachments required?

Attachments can be anything from a toilet lids to splash guards or built in arms.


Splash guards - These help to prevent splashing and accidents which can sometimes happen when sitting to use the toilet.

Built In Arms - Instead of buying a separate toilet aid, there are raised toilet seats which have built in arms to assist when rising from the toilet.

Smaller aperture for children - If children are going to be using the raised toilet seat, seats with smaller apertures are available.


How simple do you require fitting to be?

Raised toilet seats have different brackets and fittings depending on the model. Some seats completely replace the seat and use the original fittings in the same holes on the toilet frame, others are simply installed onto the pan without removing the original seat.


These are the easiest seats to fit, they have brackets which fit onto the side and the front of the seat with rubber grips that secure the raised toilet seat to the pan. This type of fitting can usually fit a wide variety of toilet shapes and sizes, but check with the model first to ensure it is the ideal fit for your toilet.

Where possible you will want to go for one that has hidden fixings to minimise on bacteria and make the seat more hygienic. 


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Our Furniture Raisers are Back in Black

Montage showing new black furniture raisers from Langham - Gordon Ellis

Following feedback from Occupational Therapists, Langham are proud to relaunch their well-known and trusted furniture raisers. 

Read more about the changes below, or click here for a training session for your team.

The Langham Furniture Raisers have been round for years, recognised and used by thousands of Healthcare professionals throughout the UK and Europe. But 2017 is a time for change, time to modernise, refresh and rejuvenate our range with the new designs being made from 100% black plastic.

So why black plastic?

More attractive design

After a multitude of requests from OT’s we’ve spoken to, black furniture raisers are much more modern and smart looking, blending into the home better and looking more discreet under furniture.


Improved infection control

One of the most important reasons though is to improve infection control. As they will now be made from plastic, they are much easier to clean and fully autoclavable making them ideal for healthcare issue.


Longer lasting in use

The new, strong plastic bars replace all the MDF parts so they are more resistant to wear and tear with every day use. They also feature rounded edges for safety and comfort when using and fitting the raisers.


Which products are new?

Adjustable Chair Raiser



Multi-Purpose Raiser



LP/NLP129 and LP/NLP129S

Adjustable Bed Raiser
Adjustable Bed Raiser (short)

The change will be a rolling change with stock changing to the new designs from the end of September 2017 onwards.


Limited Edition Black Elephant Feet

To complement the relaunch of our Langham Raisers, we are very pleased to build on the success of our Elephant Feet by adding the new colour option to the range. It will give users a choice of grey or black Elephant Feet for their home.

The black raisers can help to blend in better with furniture, suiting a wider range of colours and styles to offer a more discreet solution to raising furniture.

Available for a limited time only, the black Elephant Feet will be available from September 2017 through to March 2018. 


Our new Black Furniture Raiser flyers can be found here and here

You can also access any of our images from this Google Drive link

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