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Gordon Ellis & Co. is a family business founded in woodworking since before 1890.

The traditions and skills built up over the generations continue to be applied throughout bedroom range. This comprehensive range of products are designed for use in the bedroom, providing comfort, support and greater independence for the user.

We have an extensive range of commodes to meet a wide range of user needs, from our flushing dignity commode, to our more discreet Basketweave commode. Transfer Boards and Steps are also a great addition to a home - making every day life much easier.

Please feel free to browse our range and contact us if you have any questions. 

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62930 - Prima Home Step

Prima Home Step with Height Adjustable Handle

Ashby Pan and Lid

Spare commode pan and lid to fit our range of commodes.

Bamberry Straight Transfer Board

Stylish transfer boards available with a straight or curved design.

Basketweave Commode

A traditional Lloyd Loom wooden framed commode chair.

Silva Cassette for the Royale Commode

Silva cassette which fits into the seat of the Royale Commode.

Walton Commode

New, stylish, height adjustable commode chair.

Prima Commode

A comfortable commode, available in 2 versions : Classic or Horseshoe

Seat Cushion for a Royale Commode

Spare Seat Cushion for the Royale Commode.

Cassette for Deluxe Commode

Spare cassette for the Deluxe Commode.

Derby Corner Commode

This unique corner shaped commode makes side transfers easier.

Royale Commode

A high quality and stylish hardwood commode chair.

Royale Commode - Extra Wide

A high quality and stylish hardwood commode chair.

Burton Pan and Lid

Spare commode pan and lid to fit our range of commodes.

Deluxe Commode

Compact commode with strong solid wooden frame.

Burton Handle Only

Replacement Handle for the Burton Pan and Lid

Devon Commode

Compact design with a hygienic vinyl cushion.